Millions of speakers of less supported languages have limited access to knowledge on Wikipedia. They have access to few articles with little coverage. Translation has helped medium and large wikis but had limited effect on small wikis so far. Section translation offers this opportunity. Depending on editor’s familiarity and proficiency, there can be different ways to enter the section translator.
- Provide a fluent and engaging way to expand knowledge anytime by translating.
- Design different types of entry-points to streamline the translation editing experience for both seasoned as well as not-so-tech-savvy editors.
MY ROLE: Contributor to designing and iterating upon micro-interactions for Dictation input. I'm voluntarily involved with identifying potential use cases and their corresponding entry-points best suited for translating using voice input.
TEAM: 3 persons- Myself, Pau Giner (Principal UX Designer) and Eli Asikin-Garmager
DURATION: January - April 2021

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