Hi, I'm Pallavi Patke!

I design AI-powered conversations to maximize lead conversions for sales and marketing representatives. I am trained in UX design, Voice UI and in textile design for industrial applications. Scroll down to view my case studies.

Designing Conversations for Comcast's Xfinity Assistant
...Coming Soon
Conversation Design for Drift's AI Chatbots
Top Skills: Conversation Analysis, Information Architecture, UX Design & Writing, Playbook Strategy, A/B Testing, Solution Consulting. Tools: Drift Playbook Builder, Dialogue Manager
Conversation Design for In-Car Voice UI
Top Skills: User & Discovery Research, Personas, Dialogue Flows, Scripting Prompts, Voice Interaction Modules. Tools: Amazon Developer Console (Alexa Skills Kit), Voiceflow, VoiceX, Lucidchart, Zoom
Pundit: The Expert App for Homeowners
Top Skills: Competitive Research, Personas, User Flows, User Journey Mapping, Wireframing, User Testing Tools: Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Balsamiq, Google Drawings, LucidChart, Zoom, User Interviews
Wikimedia: Voice Input for Section Translation
In Progress... Top Skills: Interaction Design, Prototyping for Voice UI. Tools: Trello, Phabricator, MediaWiki, Figma
Website Redesign: A UX Rescue Project
Top Skills: Content Audit, Feature Prioritization, User Flows, Wireframes & Prototypes Tools: Pencil & paper, Miro, Figma, LucidChart, Zoom
Eden: Online Platform for Project-Based Learning
Top Skills Exhibited: Content Strategy, IA & Usability testing.
Tools: Keynote, Notion, Figma, Zoom
Linguit Vocabulary App
Top Skills: Competitive Research, User Flows, Low-Fidelity & Mid-Fidelity Wireframes
Tools: Figma, Balsamiq, Paper, Lucidchart, Marvel, Invision, Prezi.
Worth It: Online Marketplace for Pre-Owned Product Sale
A UX Design Project. At General Assembly, 2019
Tools: Whimsical, Sketch, Invision
UX Research: Skills & Education Gap Assessment
Freelance, July-Present 2019. Tools Used: Keynote, Miro, Excel, Typeform Stakeholder: Michele Ronsen
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